Common Heartburn Treatment Options

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Find out about the medications commonly recommended to relieve frequent heartburn.

Understand Your Options for Frequent Heartburn Relief

Because everyone reacts differently to heartburn, the first step in finding heartburn relief that works for you is asking the right questions. Bring this list of queries with you the next time you see your healthcare provider and learn about all the available heartburn treatment options.


  1. Are there certain lifestyle choices I can make that will ease my heartburn?
  2. What is the proper way to take this medication to give me the best chance for getting heartburn relief?
  3. Could the heartburn medication you are recommending interact with other drugs I am taking?
  4. What are the known side effects of this heartburn medication?
  5. What should I do if this medication doesn’t provide heartburn relief after I use it?

Hopefully the above questions steer you and your healthcare professional toward effective heartburn relief. Here are some common kinds of treatment your healthcare provider might recommend.1


Antacids neutralize the acid in your stomach so that excess amounts of acidic stomach fluids don’t irritate your esophagus and cause heartburn. They provide immediate (but only temporary) heartburn relief.

H2 Blockers

H2 Blockers, designed to be taken every 12 hours, reduce the amount of acid in your stomach.  When taken 30-60 minutes before a meal, or after heartburn begins, they can help to minimize symptoms.

Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI)

When used as directed, PPIs can provide 24-hour relief for frequent heartburn symptoms with just one dose per day.