If Spaghetti Sauce Is Your Heartburn Trigger…

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To avoid the heartburn-causing tomatoes in red spaghetti sauce, toss hot noodles with a bright garlic-free pesto sauce or a homemade sauté of wild mushrooms, a splash of chicken broth and a shower of grated Parmesan cheese.

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More Tips:

  • If Orange Juice Is Your Heartburn Trigger…

    Try switching to low-acid orange juice. If that still brings on the burn, substitute a noncitrus beverage, such as apple juice, or go tropical and try mango juice.

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  • If Vinegar-Based Salad Dressing Is Your Heartburn Trigger…

    Cider vinegar or rice vinegar may be less likely to trigger heartburn; experiment with one of these in your next dressing. If this doesn’t help, concoct a fresh-herb dressing by combining extra-virgin olive oil, a palmful of finely chopped fresh herbs (try dill or tarragon), a dollop of fat-free mayonnaise, and salt and pepper.

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  • If Chocolate Is Your Heartburn Trigger…

    Enjoy the flavor of chocolate without the caffeine that may be your heartburn-causing culprit—while keeping the fat grams in your treat to a minimum. Try fat-free chocolate pudding, caffeine-free hot cocoa or a drizzle of chocolate syrup over fat-free frozen yogurt.

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  • If Coffee Is Your Heartburn Trigger…

    Because it’s the caffeine that’s thought to cause heartburn, the obvious first step is to try decaf. Ease into the switch by starting with a mix of decaf and caf, then slowly decrease the amount of caffeinated beans. Or go cold turkey and reach for a steaming cup of hot herbal tea or caffeine-free cocoa.

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